Tips For A Successful Event As An Exhibitor

Our team are heading to the Franchise Council of Australia’s #NFC14 for the second time this October and it’s a timely reminder as an exhibitor what we need to have in place to make it a successful 3 days in Sydney.


For any business whom are thinking about doing a trade show or conference as an exhibitor, here are a few tips that we have learnt along the way:

Preparation For The Event

Get An Understanding Of What The Event Is All About

– Find out where you will be situated on the floor plan and know where your competitors are located
– Determine other exhibitors and contacts that you would like to meet and exchange details with
– Review the guest list and highlight influential people you would like to connect with

Know Your Goals

You have limited time to meet and actually speak with people, so you goal is not necessarily to have people buy or commit to something. Your goal may be as simple as getting as many contact details as possible to follow up with after the event or it could be people trialling a product, walking away with a brochure etc. . Every business is different but this will be the measure of your success.

Great Booth Design

– Makes sure you keep your end client in mind – Design an open and friendly environment. Humans do not like going near something that they will be ask to do or buy something.

– Get your message right, keeping the marketing simple, and have one key item to draw people’s attention too. Over doing the marketing will create confusion.
– Make sure you have ordered everything with plenty of time to get it ready or shipped to the event.

Promote Your Are Going To Be There

– Don’t wait until the event to start promoting your booth. Start creating a storyboard to use on social media, newsletters and other communication platforms, telling people that you will be there and to come and say hi.

– You could also use LinkedIn to reach out and connect with people that you know will be there and pre frame catching up over the event in some capacity.

Presentations and Demos 

Power points can be a great way to draw people to your stand and help educate people that like to keep a distance but are still interested in what you have to offer. If you have a product, it is also a good idea to have a great demo to quickly show people what the benefits are to THEM.

Capture Groups of People

Think about how you could capture groups of people to demonstrate something. Having one on one meeting is fine but with limited time people have to stop by, presenting to a group is a great way to get your message out to the mass.

So if you are coming a long to the #NFC14, drop by Booth 50 & 51 and say hi to the team.

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