Shoebooks Data Protection Policy Statement

Shoebooks understands the concerns people have about the protection, privacy and safety of their data. This Data Protection Policy Statement outlines the procedures we operate to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

Shoebooks servers are protected by the following measures:

  • Servers are located in Australia in a grade A secure data centre providing physical security and power and connectivity backup/redundancy.
  • All servers are physical dedicated servers and no virtual servers are used.
  • All servers are behind a robust hardware firewall that immediately alerts us of any events outside of normal traffic.
  • All servers have external 24 hour monitoring from who monitor the server’s availability from eight locations around the world and notify us within 5 minutes of any problems.
  • All routers and internet connection devices can be reset remotely in the event of protective shutdown from external internet attack. Any shutdown of this type will be detected by our monitoring service.

Shoebooks data is backed up and secured by the following measures:

All Shoebooks data files are backed up automatically every 15 minutes to multiple locations. A backup also occurs each time you logout.

  • Shoebooks runs the latest intrusion detection and virus protection software. Updates are performed on this software each night.
  • All software and security updates are performed daily to ensure the prevention of unwanted attacks and inconvenience.
  • Shoebooks can setup on client request to automatically backup the clients data to the document repository within Shoebooks software that can then be downloaded to their site. Please contact shoebooks should you desire this option, charges apply.
  • If you have any questions relating to the security and protection of your data then please email and we will be happy to answer your queries.