SOAP Interface Overview

Developers using Shoebooks SOAP interface can build their own applications and interface into Shoebooks Accounting and Payroll modules. This negates the need for them to reinvent the accounting and payroll processes. Developers can build complex applications by seamlessly incorporating the Shoebooks accounting and payroll system. The SOAP interface ensures that all business rules and data structure complies with the Shoebooks accounting and payroll system.

SOAP stands for “Simple Object Access Protocol” and is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web services in computer networks. (

Technical details of our SOAP endpoint can be found here:

Examples of usage of the SOAP interface:

Create/edit  customers, supplier or employee records

Create new invoices or bills

Search chart of accounts, customers, employee, invoices, products and suppliers

Apply receipts to invoices and payments to bills

Create and lookup banking transactions.

Examples of applications where the SOAP interface could be utilised:

Shopping cart accounting

Job costing system

Time billing system

CRM system

Stock management system

POS – Point of Sale systems

The scope of what can be done with the Shoebooks SOAP interface is really only limited by the developers imagination.

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