New Partnership to Provide a Smarter Rostering & Payroll Solution

Over the last few months our team have been working closely with Staffbooks Workforce Management to help provide a better way for our customers to manage their employees, including inducting, rostering, communicating with employees and tying it all together right through to their timesheets being created as payslips and processing their payroll.


What type of business is this for?

Between our 2 companies, we have customers spanning industry’s such as Hospitality, Event management, Franchising, Security and more.

In fact, if you are a business that is spending a lot of time and money preforming the below tasks, then you may want to investigate further:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Planning & distributing rosters
  • Spending hours on the phone finding replacement shifts
  • Manually approving timesheets
  • Manually entering data in to your payroll software or online accounting software for pay runs
  • Updating leave
  • Processing payroll weekly or fortnightly
  • Distributing the payslips
  • Keeping up to date with super & PAYG

What benefits are our current customers seeing?

Overall time and costs savings thanks too:

  • A completely integrated rostering and payroll software solution where you can manage your rosters and we can process your payroll
  • Eliminates costly data entry and mistakes
  • Onboarding employees is quicker and easier
  • Quickly schedule and forecast your rosters and wages
  • Better communication with employees remotely from any device
  • When filling replacement shifts, easily send a notification to all employees or a select few to accept.
  • No duplication of data between timesheets and payroll software
  • A reduction in error and costs with an experience payroll team take all the stress away each pay run
  • More time to spend on the business rather than working in the business.

For more information chat to our team today or click here

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