Melbourne’s Icon Cocktail Bar Madame Brussels Gains Control

When the management of one of Melbourne’s most icon cocktail bars Madame Brussels first approached our team about needing some help with their bookkeeping, accounts payable and payroll processing, life wasn’t all chocolate and champagne.

Like most hospitality businesses, they are tremendously busy especially this time of the year, thanks to a loyal clientele, fantastic service and a unique ambience. What had become a burden was the day to day administrative tasks that had their managers spending too much time on the bookkeeping rather than running the venue.

After working along side the team at Madame Brussels for the last 4 months, it’s always exciting to receive messages like the one below

Madame Brussels

Madame Brussels

“This is the way we use to do things at Madame Brussels

But now we can relax because Shoebooks have taken tight control…..

The madame now drinks french champagne”


If you looking for a great place for an upcoming Christmas party or just want a relaxed place to hang out with friends, we highly recommend you check out Madame Brussels.

Hospitality businesses are a very busy environment so if you are a bit like Madame Brussels and need to get more time back at this time of the year, get an online quoteTODAY or call the team to have a chat.

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