Transfer your desktop accounting software data quickly and easily

Take advantage of transferring your desktop accounting software data into the cloud with help from our experienced migration team.

 Below is a list of desktop accounting packages that are available and the type data that is included in the data transfer.

If you are unsure of what desktop accounting program you are using or we haven’t listed it above, please chat to us online via our live chat or contact the team today.

* Customer receipts and supplier payments will be allocated to the correct customer/supplier but will not be allocated to individual invoices. The receipts and payments can be connected manually by the customer once the data is transferred.

# Non Accounts Receivable or Accounts payable banking transactions will be transferred as general journals. They will function the same way in Shoebooks. This is due to the way the data is stored in different systems.

^ The chart will be changed in the original data file where Shoebooks chart rules need to be adhered to. This allows for the data transfer to connect correctly in Shoebooks. The original data file with the changed chart will be returned to customer for archive reference.

? Contact Shoebooks to discuss eligibility of your system and what can be transferred

Note: Data transfer only – reconciliations will not be recreated. (Our team can for an additional fee.)

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