Cloud Accounting

The Cloud is an Internet-based distributed storage system. In comparison to working on software installed directly on your computer’s hard drive, working in the cloud allows you to access your information wherever you are, on any computer, smartphone or tablet. This is hugely beneficial for businesses that have multiple locations or divisions. Instead of having to install a specific programme on every employee’s computer, cloud-based data can be accessed from anywhere—even from onsite, in the warehouse, on the road or at home. Shoebooks offers cloud accounting that’s hosted in secure data centres in Australia, giving you both flexibility and peace of mind. We maintain and upgrade the accounting software that you access via the cloud, as well as keeping all your data secure and fully backed up.

Not only do you have total access to your accounts anywhere and anytime, you can streamline and simplify all your information. Cloud accounting software makes managing your business a cinch, whether you have a single location or several business locations. You can also keep tabs on departmental costs, accounts payable and client management, and create comprehensive financial reports in an instant. Shoebooks is so confident in our ability to support your business in its accounting needs that we offer a free 30 day trial! We know that when you see all of the features our cloud accounting software offers, coupled with its flexibility and affordability, you’ll be hooked.

Cloud Payroll

One important way you can utilise Shoebooks cloud accounting software is for payroll. If you are looking for a way to simplify processing pay runs and emailing payslips to employees across multiple pay cycles, Shoebooks can help. Your employees can directly submit their time sheets online, and the software can integrate with rostering and time and attendance software for maximum efficiency and ease. The flexibility is broad, allowing you to set a variety of pay rules for different rates, leave types, overtime, allowances, deductions and liabilities. If you’d like to continue using an existing time sheet structure or template, you can import from other systems or spreadsheets, which makes the transition to Shoebooks much easier. And since everything is accessible anytime, anywhere, should you need to make any last minute changes before a pay run, you can do so easily. Batch processing, end of year payment summaries, and auto-uploading tax tables is easy and secure with Shoebooks. Contact us to find out more ways we can customise your cloud payroll!

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