We understand that you may have lot’s of questions that need answering before moving to cloud accounting
We hope to answer these question and help you take advantage of all the benefits accounting software in the cloud has for your business.

I am uncertain of the security of cloud software?

FACT: Most SME’s have started using platforms such as Facebook, Paypal, Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, Dropbox & the obvious Internet banking & Telcos. With our secure data centres, regular updates and scheduled backups, it’s safer to allow us to host your accounting software than it is for you to store it on a server or desktop in an unsecured location often with irregular backup.

Is my data on the internet?

No, you use the internet to access your data which is hosted in a secure data centre in Australia. The benefit of cloud accounting allows you the flexibility to access you important financial information from anywhere at anytime with peace of mind.

How do I access my accounts if the internet goes down?

With the internet now being available via smartphones, tablets, internet hotspots just to name a few, you have the ability to access the internet and your accounts from unlimited places. Sometimes it’s just as easy to go the coffee shop and jump online.

Cloud accounting software can be expensive!

If you take into consideration that you don’t need to own your own server, have an IT person (or your own time) to maintain hardware, software updates, backups plus the benefits of integrating with existing platforms, removing unnecessary data entry and you can access our cloud accounting packages for as low as $29 per month, it’s hard not to move to the cloud.
 Who owns the data?
You own your own data and can get access to your data when you like, even if you leave (which we hope you don’t).

Can I backup my data to a local device?

Yes you can. Not only can you export your data via our online accounting software, but we can also schedule a offsite backup for you.
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