Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Pricing 

Bookkeeping Services

$80 per hour

Payroll Processing Services

$80 per hour

or $2-$4 per timesheet

Financial & Systems Consulting

$120 per hour

Customer Feature Development

$135 per hour

Fixed Price Packages

Fixed price packages are also offered for bookkeeping services.

Shoebooks needs to understand your bookkeeping needs before a fixed price package can be offered.

Packages are offered for different business sizes and can be taken either as a “Hybrid” or “Fully Outsourced” option.

Service Delivery Overview

Hybrid Model

The Hybrid model provides the flexibility for the work to be divided between Shoebooks and your internal resources. i.e. Shoebooks can do some of the work and you can do the work that you want to do.

At a minimum Shoebooks performs the bank reconciliation and post processing audit checklist. This ensures the accuracy of the work and provides a checking method for the work performed by you.

You can choose from any of our modules to allocate to our team to perform for you and the mix of who does what can be changed at any time.

Outsourced Model

Using the Outsourced model means that Shoebooks takes care of all bookkeeping and payroll requirements that your business has.

This can extend to answering the phone in your company name, collecting money, paying accounts, managing staff payroll, liaising with your tax accountant etc.

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